Throughout the year, the grounds of the Fairground are made available to the public for rental. Please review the rental options below to find a suitable solution to your event, storage or camping needs.

Winter storage rental

Storage Date

Saturday, November 4th, 2023 – 9:00am to 1:00pm

Removal Date

Saturday, April 1st, 2023 – 9:00am to 12:45pm

Storage Rates

$8 per foot Rate is non-refundable. Rates are for entire storage season, not by the month.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. All units will be checked for measurements. Measurement is taken from the front most appendages to the rearmost appendage. The Bureau County Fairboard reserves the right to measure all units and bill those units that were under-measured.
  2. Batteries and fuel containers must be disconnected.
  3. Do Not remove batteries from Motor homes
  4. All propane tanks must be removed.
  5. All trailers must be equipped with a tongue jack dolly wheel. Hitches must be unlocked.
  6. All work on units must be completed prior to the time they are parked in the storage buildings.
  7. No hazardous materials of any kind are to be stored in or around the property
  8. All lower units must be raised to allow a minimum of twelve (12) inches of ground clearance.
  9. A penalty of $20 per day will be assessed for each property unit not removed date listed above.
  10. No early removal of units allowed.
  11. Extreme care will be taken when storing your unit, however, be aware that the Fair Board accepts no responsibility whatsoever for damage or loss. A copy of your insurance should be attached to this agreement when the unit is delivered.

Responsibility of Lessor:

The Bureau County Agricultural Board, or Lessor, its directors, employees, or agents does not assume any responsibility of liability to the Lessee whatsoever for the safety, loss or damage to any Unit stored “from any cause”, nor does the Lessor assume any responsibility or liability of any character for personal injury to the Lessee or to anyone whom the Lessee may invite upon the premises of the Lessor.

Furthermore, the Lessee waives all claims against Lessor for damages to goods, wares and merchandise, in, upon or about, said Unit. Lessor in not responsible for any loss or damage due to burglary, fire, theft, vandalism, water, wind or any cause whatsoever to the unit. Lessee agrees that if any damage to storage unit occurs, repairs will be solely the responsibility of the Lessee.

You must provide your own insurance!

To reserve space, we will measure your unit to the nearest foot. Payment can be made by check, money order or credit card on storage day. Sizes will be checked for accuracy. Signed application and contract denotes owner (bailer) acceptance of Bureau County Agricultural Board regulations.

Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions please contact our Rental Coordinator:

Kathy Bauer,
(815) 866-3606,

Download the 23-24 Winter Storage Agreement

Horse Boarding

Stalls for permanent horse boarding or for overnight stays are available at Bureau County Fairgrounds in Princeton. The fairgrounds is located on the west edge of Princeton, just 1.5 miles from Interstate 80.

Equine renters must present proof of negative Coggins test before unloading.

State of Illinois Department of Agriculture

Livestock health requirements for Horses, Ponies, Mules and other equine.

Illinois Equine

  1. All horses and other equidae, twelve (12) months of age and older attending an advertised equine event, shall be accompanied by a negative test for equine infectious anemia (EIA) conducted within the last twelve (12) months. A copy of thie tsst shall accompany the animal.
  2. AGID (Coggins) or ELISA test are accepted. 3. An advertised equine event means a show, rodeo, sale, auction, exhibition, trail ride, or horse fair that is posted or media promoted. 4. A CVI is not required for Illinois equine.

Out-of-State Equine

  1. All out-of-state equine are to be accompanied by an entry permit. Permits are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling (217) 782-4944.
  2. All horses and other equidae entering Illinois that are twelve (12) months of age or older, shall be accompanied by a negative test for equine infectious anemia (EIA) conducted within the last twelve (12) months. A copy of this test shall accompany the animal.
  3. AGID (Coggins) or ELISA test are accepted.
  4. All horses and other equidae shall be accompanied by a CVI issued within thirty (30) days prior to entry.

Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions or would like to know the current overnight and monthly boarding rates, please contact our Horse Boarding Coordinator:

Terry Johnson,
(815) 866-3534


Camp sites are available at Bureau County Fairgrounds. Come out and stay and be close to everything Princeton and Bureau County have to offer.

Sites include electric and water – $25 per night.

Special rates available for large groups.

Reservations or Additional Questions?

If you would like to reserve a camping spot or have any additional questions please contact our Rental Coordinator:

Kathy Bauer,
(815) 866-3606,

Building Rental

To rent the buildings or grounds of the Bureau County Fairgrounds, please contact our Rental Coordinator:

Kathy Bauer,
(815) 866-3606,

Download the Building Rental Contract

The Bureau County Fairgrounds has been the entertainment center of Bureau County for over 160 years. Since 1855 the Bureau County Fair has been the place to enjoy meeting your friends and neighbors, exhibit the best livestock and household items, and make memories with the whole family.

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